WEBSITE Design and Setup

Photomoves offers Website Design, Setup and Maintenance Services.  If you have a small business, and would like to provide your customers with an easy way to get information, then these basic Websites are the perfect idea.  We help you get started, and train you to make your own ongoing changes, or continue to do it for you.


Photomoves Website clients have businesses or organizations that need to reach a broader audience with more information, but they don't need an investment.  Photomoves provides businesses with clear, attractive, and inexpensive websites.  


Photomoves websites provide clients with the information that YOU want them to see.  We work with you to create a site that reflects YOUR business.  We focus on making sure your site has a clear and attractive message, and we work with you until you are satisfied.  A Photomoves site will demonstrate YOUR style, not ours!


Photomoves Websites:

  • Complete customization including the banner.

  • Our expertise in photos means each site is unique.

  • Changes.  Most clients cannot picture their ending product until they see it.  We are happy to try things out, and change it UNTIL YOU ARE HAPPY!

  • Easy maintenance.  Photomoves websites are not programmed, and are easy to maintain.

  • Sites are suitable for a small business, a non-profit organization or an event..

  • Choose ongoing maintenance or do it yourself.

  • Value added - While creating a site, clients learn how to describe themselves and their business in new ways.